Class Action (Criminal proceedings) against Go Global (ex-OmegaPro) in France

Class Action (Criminal proceedings) against Go Global (ex-OmegaPro) lunched in France


In the complex landscape of financial investments, the line between legitimate opportunities and fraudulent schemes can sometimes be blurred.

Go Global, formerly known as OmegaPro, is at the center of major concerns in France, where criminal proceedings are underway against its practices.

This article aims to enlighten investors and potential victims on the legal steps being taken against Go Global. After OmegaPro’s dubious transformation into Go Global, questions are being raised about the legitimacy of their operations and the safety of the funds invested.

Here, we explore the details of the case, the allegations of illegal practices, and the options available to recover the investments made.

This article is an essential resource for anyone concerned with or affected by Go Global’s activities in France, offering advice and insights for navigating this complex legal situation.

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History of Go Global and OmegaPro


In this section, we’ll explore the origins and trajectory of OmegaPro, which later evolved into Go Global.

OmegaPro launched in 2019 as an investment platform offering high returns through Forex and cryptocurrency trading. However, it quickly attracted the attention of financial regulators and investors for its dubious practices.

Over time, OmegaPro was marked by numerous controversies, including accusations of operating as a pyramid scheme. These concerns were amplified by investor withdrawal difficulties and allegations of manipulation and fraud.

In response to mounting pressure and regulatory investigations, OmegaPro underwent a transformation, relaunching itself as Go Global. This new entity was presented as an education and personal development platform, while retaining elements of its multi-level marketing (MLM) model.

This transition raised further questions about the continuity of business practices and the validity of Go Global’s new offerings.

However, despite this reinvention, doubts about Go Global’s legitimacy and viability persisted. Many former OmegaPro investors and industry observers expressed scepticism about Go Global’s ability to distance itself from the problematic practices of its predecessor.

The analysis of OmegaPro’s evolution into Go Global is crucial to understanding the motives and implications of the criminal proceedings underway in France. It highlights the complexity of the company’s operations and the need for investors to exercise caution and due diligence when engaging with investment platforms, particularly those that promise exceptionally high returns with little transparency or evidence of legitimacy.

Allegations against Go Global


In this section, we take an in-depth look at the allegations made against Go Global, which follow on from the controversies surrounding OmegaPro. These concerns have led to criminal proceedings in France, involving critical aspects of the company’s management and promises.


Lack of transparency and License Repurchase Obligations

Go Global has been criticized for its lack of transparency in financial operations.

In addition, it was pointed out that investors who had acquired licenses on OmegaPro and reached a certain rank (e.g. “Blue Diamond”), were forced to buy new licenses to maintain the benefits associated with their status.

This situation led many investors to feel trapped, pushing them to comply with these requirements.


Offering high returns

Go Global offers exceptionally high returns, with claims such as:

  • 200% gains in 14 months;
  • 8% per month.

These exceptional returns have been brought to the attention of the French Financial Authority (The AMF) by us.


Links to other fraudulent schemes

In assessing Go Global’s activities, a crucial aspect is the examination of its development team and their track record, which reveals worrying links with other fraudulent schemes.


Go Global management team

Go Global’s management team comprises three notable figures:

  • Nader Poordeljo as CEO,
  • A.K. Khalil as Chief Operating Officer, and
  • Paulo Tuynman as President.

Detailed information on these individuals is hard to find. Their presence on social networks is mainly focused on promoting Go Global, often in luxurious contexts, and lacks concrete substance outside of personal development messages.


Background of Key Members

The backgrounds of Go Global’s senior executives are worrying. Paulo Tuynman, for example, was involved in the Omnia project, widely regarded as fraudulent.

Similarly, Nader Poordeljo was photographed with Jordan Belfort, known as the “Wolf of Wall Street”, a controversial figure associated with questionable financial practices.

Christopher Hamilton, another name linked to OmegaPro, is infamous for his role in the OneCoin scam, one of the biggest cryptocurrency scandals.


Lack of transparency and communication

A glaring problem with Go Global is the lack of transparent means of contacting its team.

The company’s communication channels, such as YouTube and Telegram, limit user interaction and feedback.

There is also no clear route to customer service on the Go Global website, raising questions about the company’s accessibility and accountability to its investors.

These elements, when taken together, paint a disturbing picture of Go Global and suggest parallels with other known fraudulent schemes.

The secretive nature of the management team and their past associations reinforce concerns about Go Global’s legitimacy and justify heightened vigilance on the part of investors and the authorities.

This information is essential for understanding the background to the ongoing criminal action in France, and underlines the importance of a thorough investigation into the company’s practices.


AMF warnings

France’s Autorité des Marchés Financiers (AMF) has played a crucial role in bringing to light the questionable practices of OmegaPro and, by extension, Go Global.

In 2022, the AMF issued a specific warning concerning OmegaPro Ltd, stressing that:

“Omega Pro Ltd is not authorised to provide investment services in mainland France, overseas departments or territories. The AMF and the ACPR are therefore strongly urging investors not to respond to solicitations from people claiming to be from this company.”

The entire statement can be found here :

This clear message from the AMF highlights the risks associated with investing in OmegaPro. As Go Global is considered a direct continuation of OmegaPro, the warnings and concerns raised against OmegaPro also apply to Go Global. This extension of the warning reflects a growing distrust of Go Global’s activities among investors and regulators.

Why take legal action against Go Global?


The reason for taking legal action against Go Global is to recover the investments of those injured by OmegaPro.

As the directors of Go Global are also directors of OmegaPro, it is planned to hold Go Global and its executives criminally liable in France.

This legal action will include criminal seizure proceedings, with the aim of restoring the rights of victims and punishing practices deemed illegal or abusive on the part of these companies.

How to join the Class Action against Go Global (ex-OmegaPro)?


Our law firm is working closely with Association CAPITAL, a non-profit organization specializing in assisting victims of financial scams, to help those affected by OmegaPro (now Go Global) recover their investments through criminal proceedings.


How to join the Class Action ?

To join this class action, it is essential to contact the CAPITAL Association.

You can reach them by email at,

If you have any concern regarding the Association, you can visit this governmental website and get any information regarding the Association CAPITAL.

This is the first step in obtaining the legal support you need.


Lawyer’s fees

We are well aware of the financial burden that lawyers’ fees can represent.

Association CAPITAL covers these costs in full for its members. In the case of a successful recovery of investments by the lawyers, the law firm will take 12% (included taxes) of the sum collected if above 10 001 EUR and 0% if under.


How to join the association ?

To join Association CAPITAL and participate in the class action, a membership fee is required.

This fee, which varies from €65 to €300 depending on the amount invested in OmegaPro/Go Global, is processed via the Helloasso platform, guaranteeing transparency and security: Join Association CAPITAL on Helloasso.


Benefits of membership

By becoming a member of Association CAPITAL, you benefit not only from our legal assistance in recovering your investments, but also from ongoing support and advice throughout the process.

The association is committed to providing all the necessary resources to facilitate your journey through the criminal proceedings.


Step to join

1. Contact Association CAPITAL by email:
2. Pay your membership fee via Helloasso and receive your membership card. The amount is adjusted according to your investment in OmegaPro/Go Global.

Once your membership has been confirmed, you will be integrated into the class action and receive all the information and support you need to move forward.

Participation in this class action is an essential step for victims of OmegaPro (now Go Global) seeking justice and compensation for the losses they have suffered. Our firm, in collaboration with Association CAPITAL, is committed to supporting you every step of the way in this legal battle.

Published on: January 26, 2024

Editor : Elias BOURRAN, Attorney at Law (Paris Bar, France) and PhD in Law.

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