Class Action (Criminal proceedings) against OmegaPro in France

Class Action (criminal proceedings) lunched against OmegaPro in France


In the financial investment sector, where risks exist everywhere, it is crucial to intervene when these risks lead to illegal actions.

OmegaPro, an investment company launched in 2019, is currently at the heart of a criminal action in France, initiated by our law firm on behalf of French and international victims.

This article aims to inform potential victims and guide them in the steps to join this class action lawsuit.

👉 As of the writing of this article, our firm represents over 1500 people in the Class Action (criminal proceedings) initiated against OmegaPro. A Class Action (criminal proceedings) is also launched against Go Global in France.

Background of OmegaPro and Reasons for the Criminal Action


OmegaPro, a company claiming to offer investment services, has raised serious concerns in France, leading to a criminal action. Here are the main reasons for this action:


Controversial Operations and Exceptional Returns

OmegaPro, which started its activities in 2019, relied on network marketing (MLM) to attract investors. The company proposed:

  • Initially: 300% over 14 months;
  • Then: 300% over 16 months;
  • And in September 2022: 300% over 26 months with the release of 200% at 16 months and the remainder at a rate of 10% per month.

These exceptional returns attracted the attention of the AMF (French Financial Markets Authority), as we will explain below.

Furthermore, links have been suggested between OmegaPro and known scams in the cryptocurrency field, such as OneCoin, increasing concerns about its legitimacy.


Warnings from the AMF and Non-Authorization in France

The AMF in France repeatedly warned against OmegaPro, stating that the company was not authorized to provide investment services in the country.

This warning was reinforced by adding OmegaPro and affiliated sites, like, to the AMF’s blacklist.


Withdrawal Problems and Deceptive Communication

Many testimonials indicate that OmegaPro’s clients/investors have faced significant difficulties in accessing their accounts and withdrawing their funds.

In 2023, the company’s communication shifted to excuses about hacks, suggesting a potential imminent disappearance of OmegaPro and leaving investors without answers or access to their investments.


Establishment in Jurisdictions with Lax Regulations

OmegaPro was registered in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, a locality where the local financial services authority does not issue Forex trading licenses.

This tactic is common among companies seeking to avoid strict regulations and operate in relative opacity.


Warnings and Advice for Investors

In the face of these dubious practices, the AMF and other financial authorities have issued warnings, advising caution to investors and reminding them that high returns always come with high risks.

These tips aim to protect investors against deceptive promises and undisclosed risks.

All these elements have led to growing mistrust towards OmegaPro and thus the initiation of a criminal action in France. This action aims to protect defrauded investors and hold a company accountable, which, according to the evidence gathered, seems to have operated in a deceptive and illegal manner.

How to Join the Class Action Against OmegaPro?


Our law firm has been mandated by the CAPITAL Association, a non-profit organization (Law 1901) dedicated to helping victims of financial scams, to assist OmegaPro’s victims in recovering their investments through criminal proceedings.


Process to Join the Class Action

To participate in the class action, it is necessary to contact the CAPITAL Association directly by email:



RNA No.: W751271723


👉 For more information about the association: []

This step is crucial to join the legal process and benefit from the necessary support.


Coverage of Lawyers’ Fees

We understand that lawyers’ fees can represent a significant financial burden for victims.

To alleviate the financial cost, the CAPITAL Association fully covers our fees. This means that victims will not have to directly bear the legal costs associated with this action.

Once you have joined, you will receive a fee agreement to complete and sign. This agreement provides support at an hourly rate (fully covered by the CAPITAL Association if you are a member or your legal protection if you have one, and a success fee of 10% excluding tax, or 12% including tax if we manage to recover at least 10,001 EUR for you. Up to 10,000 EUR, no success fee is charged).


Membership Fee to the Association

To join the Class Action, victims are required to pay a membership fee to the CAPITAL Association.

This fee is managed transparently and securely by the Helloasso platform, which you can find below:


The amount of the fee is calculated based on the amount invested in OmegaPro, ensuring a fair approach for all participants. This amount ranges from 65€ to 300€.


Benefits of Membership

By joining the CAPITAL Association, victims not only benefit from the legal assistance of our law firm in recovering their investments but also from ongoing support and advice throughout the procedure.

The association commits to helping victims and providing the necessary resources to navigate the criminal process, including the preparation of reports, organization of video conferences with lawyers, assistance in handling each member’s case, etc.


Steps to Join

What Are Your Rights as a Victim?


As a victim of OmegaPro, you have several legal options to defend your rights and recover your investment. Here are the main steps you can take with the assistance of your lawyer:


Criminal Action for Investigation or Instruction

Your most fundamental right is to act through criminal proceedings. Through your lawyer, you can request the opening of a criminal investigation or instruction. This step aims to establish the criminal responsibility of the actors involved in OmegaPro’s practices and to highlight any offenses committed.


Criminal Seizures for Investment Recovery

A crucial goal of the criminal action is to carry out criminal seizures. These seizures aim to recover funds invested in OmegaPro by freezing and recovering the company’s financial assets. This step is essential to compensate victims for the losses suffered.


Civil Action Against Banks

In addition to criminal action against OmegaPro, you also have the option to take action against your bank, through your lawyer. If the bank failed in its advisory or supervisory obligations by allowing you to carry out abnormal financial operations, such as sending money to a cryptocurrency platform without appropriate checks, it could be held responsible. This would result in the bank reimbursing the operations carried out.

However, this approach requires individual evaluation on a case-by-case basis.


Case-by-Case Evaluation

It’s important to note that action against banks is complex and requires a detailed analysis on a case-by-case basis. For now, our focus is on the criminal proceedings against OmegaPro. We will consider civil actions against banks at a later stage, after a thorough evaluation of the specific circumstances of each victim.

The Legal Process: Steps and Expectations


When you engage in criminal proceedings against OmegaPro, the legal process follows several key stages. Understanding these stages will help you have realistic expectations about the progress of the case.


Filing the Complaint

The first step is to file a criminal complaint. This complaint, drafted and submitted by our law firm and a another partner law firm, details the alleged facts and available evidence. It is addressed to the public prosecutor and, if applicable, to the senior investigating judge.


Preliminary Investigation

Following the filing of the complaint, a preliminary investigation is conducted. Its purpose is to gather evidence and determine whether there are sufficient grounds for prosecution.

This phase may include the hearing of witnesses, the seizure of documents, and other investigative measures (traceability of cryptocurrencies on the blockchain, tracking of financial flows, criminal seizures of bank accounts and crypto wallets, requesting judicial assistance in criminal matters from other States, such as the United Arab Emirates).


Indictment and Instruction

If sufficient evidence is gathered, an indictment may be issued against the presumed responsible parties at OmegaPro. The instruction is then carried out by an investigating judge, who deepens the investigation to establish the reality of the facts and the responsibility of the different actors.


Hearings and Judgment

After the investigation, the case is brought to court for judgment. Hearings are held where evidence is presented, and the arguments of the defense and the prosecution are heard.

The judgment is made at the end of these hearings.


Execution of Judgments

In the event of a favorable judgment, measures are taken for the execution of the judgment. This may include seizing OmegaPro’s assets to compensate the victims. It is also specified that restitution of funds may occur before the final judgment if sufficient proof of investments is communicated to the prosecution.


Follow-up and Communication

Throughout the process, your lawyer and the CAPITAL Association will keep you informed of developments, steps taken, and decisions made. It is crucial to maintain open communication to ensure you are fully aware of the progress of your case.

The legal process can be long and complex, but it is essential for obtaining justice and compensation. With the support of the CAPITAL Association and your lawyer, you will be guided and supported at every step of this procedure. Our goal is to work diligently to defend your rights and achieve the best possible outcome in this case.

How to Prepare for Legal Action Against OmegaPro?


Preparing for legal action against OmegaPro requires the meticulous collection of specific evidence. Here are the key elements that victims need to gather and transmit to their lawyer through the CAPITAL Association:


Bank Statements

  • Wire Transfer Transactions: Provide copies of your account statements showing transfers made to the cryptocurrency platform used for investing in OmegaPro.
  • Transaction Details: Ensure that the statements clearly indicate the dates and amounts of the transfers.


Evidence on Centralized Exchange Platform

  • Conversion to Bitcoin: If you converted euros into bitcoin (or another cryptocurrency) on an exchange platform, provide screenshots or statements from this platform showing these transactions.
  • Cryptocurrency Transfers: If bitcoins or other cryptocurrencies were transferred from your personal wallet to a wallet belonging to OmegaPro, document these transfers. Include the wallet addresses, dates, amounts transferred, and any transaction confirmations you have received.


Other Useful Documents

  • Correspondence with OmegaPro: Any communication by email or other means (SMS, Telegram, etc.) with OmegaPro representatives regarding your investments.
  • Proof of Participation: Documents indicating your membership or participation in OmegaPro’s programs.


Tips for Collecting Evidence

  • Organization: Arrange your documents in an orderly manner to facilitate their examination by the lawyer.
  • Confidentiality and Security: Ensure that you keep your evidence in a safe place and limit access to preserve its integrity.
  • Backup Copies: Make backup copies of all documents and digital evidence.

Contact Our Firm for Legal Support


If you are a victim of OmegaPro and wish to take legal steps to recover your investment, it is crucial to follow the appropriate procedure to obtain our legal support.


Initial Contact with the CAPITAL Association

  • First Step: Before contacting us directly, please get in touch with the CAPITAL Association. This association plays a key role in coordinating the class action against OmegaPro.
  • Membership and Transmission of Details: By joining the CAPITAL Association, you will be included in the list of victims under our care. The association will then directly transmit your details to us.


Our Role as Lawyers

  • Representation Exclusively via the Association: Our law firm has been specifically mandated to assist victims who are members of the CAPITAL Association. We do not assist any victims outside of this association.
  • Expertise and Commitment: We offer specialized legal expertise in financial scam cases and are committed to defending the interests of OmegaPro’s victims to the best of our ability.


Benefits of Going Through the CAPITAL Association

  • Coordination and Efficiency: The CAPITAL Association allows for efficient coordination between victims and our firm, ensuring optimal management of the collective case.
  • Support and Resources: In addition to our legal support, the association provides additional support and resources for victims.


How to Contact the CAPITAL Association

  • By email: You can contact them by email at
  • Membership Form: Fill out the membership form available on the Helloasso platform to become a member and benefit from our support.



Our goal is to help you recover your financial investments using criminal proceedings against OmegaPro.

Published on: January 26, 2024

Editor : Elias BOURRAN, Attorney at Law (Paris Bar, France) and PhD in Law.

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